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What if connection design process could be faster, more cost-effective and more reliable?

STEELCONN was created to fill a gap in the market and provide specialised design services tailored for steel connections only. We are striving to become the leader in this field.

Cost effectiveness

Thanks to our in-house design methods we can offer our clients very competitive fees with rapid delivery times. We therefore encourage our clients’ collaboration so as to produce the best service, fully satisfying their expectations.


In our work, we utilise a range of codes, standards and technical papers. We do not limit ourselves only to Eurocode 3 and the associated two common publications. We aim to constantly be at the forefront of our industry. We use various design methods for different ranges of connections. It can be either specialized design software or self-prepared advanced calculations. All equations and formulas for connection design have been analysed and studied to provide a solid base for more complex connections. Our calculations are accompanied with sketches in order to simplify the checking process by a checker or other consultants as well as the connection manufacturer.

Quicker response time

A combination of extended working hours along with automated calculation methods give you an answer as to why we have a shorter delivery time than others. 


We strongly believe that steel connections are one of the most complex and important elements in a steel structure. We put a lot effort into our design calculations to ensure we satisfy all required checks, standards in order not to neglect or under-design the connection. As a matter of fact, many engineers do not have sufficient technical knowledge on connection design beyond the simple checks for bolts and welds. Most engineers treat connections as secondary elements and do not realise how complicated the design may be. Connection design is our expertise, which is why we put more energy and focus on this area of work. This ensures that structures can be safer as the design is accomplished by specialists.

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