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 The Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) renovation

STEELCONN provided complex connection designs for the scaffold support steelwork gantry, required to carry out renovation works on the Elizabeth Tower.

Engineering calculations included a wide range of connections, namely: base plate connections; brace connections for four towers and trusses; splice connections for cellular beams, columns and truss elements to ease the erection process; non-standard simple joints; and all moment connections.

Special attention was paid to the truss joints as some of them had very large forces and additional strengthening was required to transmit all of the given loads.

We utilised our advanced spreadsheets to evaluate the capacity of joints with internal forces and moments acting in all directions.

 Blackpool Conference & Exhibition Centre

The Blackpool Conference and Exhibition Centre is a new venue and will be linked to the historic Winter Gardens complex. The steel-framed building will provide modern conferencing facilities and an exhibition space, giving a total event capacity of 7000.

STEELCONN was responsible for the connection design of the main structural trusses with the total span exceeding 27m. The package contained all internal joints, splices and main truss supports on columns. Numerical modelling software was utilised to achieve workable and efficient solutions. Connections were additionally checked with standard hand calculations using our internal spreadsheets prepared in accordance with all relevant standards and publications.

 Edinburgh House, London

The project comprised of the complete refurbishment of an existing office building, the erection of an extension to two floors and the construction of a central atrium at the heart of the development. We produced a design of connections for all abovementioned areas. Calculations consisted of both simple and moment-resisting joints and splices with forces acting in all directions. The main challenge was the engineering solution for the atrium connections to provide sufficient rigidity and stiffness but at the same time ensure aesthetically pleasing details.

 Drysdale City University of London

This building is part of City University London's plan to transform and improve its facilities. The project involved the refurbishment of the ground floor of Drysdale Building. STEELCONN assisted in the design of connections for various elements such as: balustrades and a steel gantry.

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